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I would like to know if any of the JewishGenners know, or can help me find
the whereabouts, of the following people in Israel: Katzevman and Ari(e)
Azati. Arie Azati wrote a Yad Vashem Testimony Page for Boris Kokel, my
grandmother's brother, in 1955. Katzevman (no first name given in the Page)
also wrote a Yad Vashem Page for Boris Kokel, in 1957. Boris Kokel's dates
of birth in the two pages differ (1895 in Arie Azati's and 1900 in
Katzevman's) but I think it's the same person (born in Rovno,
Ukraine/Poland). Both forms are in Hebrew, so I figure the submitters must
live (or have lived) in Israel. Please contact me if you know their
whereabouts--or whether they're still alive. Thanks.

Nina Kossman (New York)
researching: Kokel, Kosman, Konstorum, Brenson (Brennsohn), Berenson,

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