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In a recent posting, Avi Klammer suggests that the surname Rivkin came
to represent the Biblical Matriarch Rivkah (Rebecca) and Hankin did the
same for Hannah. He then asks about any other such known & documented
FIRST names of historically-prominent women figures inspiring LAST

I submit that these surnames are matronymics ("kind" =3D child in
Yiddish), derived >from the first name of the mother of the individual
who first assumed the surname. Accordingly, it was not just biblical
names that gave rise to these surnames, but all female given names,
whether biblical or not. A few examples come quickly to mind:

Balkin (Beyla)
Baskin (Basha)
Chaikin (Chaya, Chaika)
Chaskin (Chasha)
Dworkin (Dvora)
Elkin (Elka)
Fridkin (Freyda)
Frumkin (Fruma)
Malkin (Malka)
Mishkin (Michla)
Rashkin (Rasha)
Riskin (Rysha, Ryska)
Slavkin (Slava)
Slotkin (Zlata)
Sorkin (Sora)
Soskin (Sosia)
Ziskin (Zysa, Zyska)

Shabbat shalom,

Larry Hamilton
Chicago, Illinois

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