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Carlos Glikson

Allan Dolgow provided a link to the online version of

The slaughter of Jews in the Ukraine in 1919.
Heifetz, Elias.
New York : T. Seltzer, 1921.

in one of the Harvard University's websites. The long URL includes an
"outsidelink", redirecting to this shorter version for the same:
It fits in a single line and does not require to be pasted. To show how
tinyurl works I also converted the link using as suggested by
Anita Citron to

The book was written shortly after the facts by Ellias Heifetz, chairman of
the All-Ukrainian Relief Committee for the Victims of the Pogroms, operating
under the Red Cross' auspices. The book's index:

[Title Section] [pp. unnumbered pages (seq. 1-2)]
PREFACE [pp. I-IV (seq. 3-6)]
CONTENTS [pp. V-unnumbered page (seq. 7-8)]
CHAPTER II THE DIRECTORY [pp. 21-56 (seq. 29-64)]
CHAPTER III THE BATKO [pp. 57-83 (seq. 65-91)]
CHAPTER IV THE SOVIET POWER [pp. 84-98 (seq. 92-106)]
CHAPTER V THE DENIKIN REGIME [pp. 99-122 (seq. 107-130)]
CHAPTER VI SELF-DEFENSE [pp. 123-140 (seq. 131-148)]
CHAPTER VII POGROM PICTURES--A FEW EPISODES [pp. 141-174 (seq. 149-182)]
CHAPTER VIII RESULTS [pp. 175-182 (seq. 183-190)]
APPENDIX [pp. 183-408 (seq. 191-416)]
SUPPLEMENT TO CHAPTER II [pp. 185-234 (seq. 193-242)]
SUPPLEMENT TO CHAPTER III [pp. 235-408 (seq. 243-416)]

Cautioning note:
testimonies, no photographs.

The copyright notice reminds the material is provided solely for the purpose
of teaching or individual research. "Any other use... requires permission of
the appropriate office of Harvard University".

The website includes a full scan of the book's pages, which may be read
online, or downloaded in pdf format. There is a link to "Printable Version"
which enables to convert to PDF for printing or saving. It creates a
temporary PDF file for the selected pages or the full version. >from Acrobat
you can print the PDF, or save it to disk.

If you choose to save the file in your PC to read offline, allow enough time
for the pdf file to be generated at the website and downloaded to your PC -
it weighs 30.5 MB, a large file, particularly for a dial up connection.

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson

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