Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Mekhliya/Mehliye-Searching for English &Hebrew Name Equivalent #ukraine

Avishalom Klammer <u.sisraeli@...>

Dear Genners,

I'd like to know if anyone knows by any chance what
the English as well as Hebrew equivalent name is for
the Russian, Yiddish or Russian-Yiddish female name:
Mekhliya/Mehliya or: Mekhliye (Mehliya or Mehliye)
with 'kh' or 'h' pronounced as the 'ch' in LoCH-Ness

This was the name given to my mom.

I'd also take this opportunity to recommend to all the
masterpiece must-see (feature) movie: Everything is
Illuminated (which very much tells what jewish life in
the Ukraine is/was-to a point of my feeling an
incredibly intense connection to it-a connection that
I believe reflects how life in the Ukraine, used to be
for my grandmother, whom sadly, I know very little
about... A must-see/must-not-miss (not recent) movie,
available on DVD (Netflix, etc...).

Thank you all in advance for your assistance with the
name "translation",

Avishalom (Avi) Klammer
from Bat-Yam, Israel to Oakland, CA, U.S.A.
With Klammer roots in Iasi, Romania,
Austria/Austo-Hungary(?!?)& Levitt roots in
Moldova/Bessarabia & Ukraine(Moghilov/Moghilev
Podolsk/Attaki/Ottaki &

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