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Annette Stolberg <annettes@...>

Some time ago I submitted the name Bertha, my mother's given name,
when the JewishJen Digest's topic of discussion was "unusual
names". According to the Adaptations -English >from Hebrew in
Jewishgen, the name Bertha was chosen >from the following Hebrew names:
26% >from Breina; 26% >from Beila; 17% >from Bracha, 9% >from Bluma.

I thanked the people individually who sent me insightful information
about the name Bertha, and would like to share one of the comments
with the SIG in general. My mother said her name was pronounced
Brane, though her name was spelled Breina on her Ketubah. Someone
wrote that my mother's family might have lived at some point in time
in Eastern Galicia because Breina would have been pronounced Brana in
that region. My mother's name was transliterated as Brone on the SS
Amerika's manifest. So she was definitely called Brana.

There's no way to prove that my mother's roots might have been in
Galicia and not Prussia as her family claimed. I have traced the
EHRLICHMAN name to Sokolivka circa 1850. Prior to this date, we can
only make guesses that cannot be corroborated.

Annette Stolberg.
Rocheser, NY

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