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I have received various messages >from members of this
group stating that I was wrong in stating that Shpola
and Zvenigorodka were the same place. I would clarify
why I made that "error".

This why I thought they were the same. When I did a
search on for Shpola, Ukraine. I got
this: Shpola, Zvenigorodka, Ukraine. There were film
notes for the films that indicated the years of the
records etc.

This is what I have in PAPER COPIES:
Jewish Congregation of Zvenigorodka (Zvenigorodka
District) Vital records 1889-1904
Metrical records 1854-1911 >from Jewish community in
Shpola, Zvenigorodka, Kiev, Russia; later know as
Shpola, Shpola, Cherkasy, Ukraine.
Family Lists (tax poll census) and various city
council documets for Zvenigorodka, Zvenigorodka, Kiev,
Russia later known as Zvenyhorodka, Zvenyhorodka,
Cherkasy, Ukraine.

I do have some digital records. I have spent a lot of
time and money making the paper copies and
photoshopping my scans. They are not the best quality
of copy but I did the best I could with what I had to
work with. The paper copies are actually good copies
and very legible.

The above is copied >from the film notes on the LDS
church website: Therefore, the
error was theirs not mine. It definitely says Shpola,
Zvenigorodka. So please forgive me for my error ....
I just took my info >from the LDS website.

Meryl Rizzotti
Researching: Specter, Povlotsky, Pawlocky, Perczinke,
Yampolsky in Ukraine

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