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Dov & Varda Epstein <yknow@...>

R. Kim Bleiweiss wrote: <Can anyone tell me what the English equivalent of
'Chaya' would be?>

In general, serious researchers shy >from positing English equivalents for
Hebrew names. In this case, if one is going according to translation, the
common equivalent used for this name is Vivian. Chaya means 'life', so does

That said, I have at least two friends named Chaya who are Helene in
English. Another is named Helen. There is no connection between these names.
Someone must have thought that the sound of 'H' is similar to 'CH'.

The name Chaya is often tacked on to a name as a talisman for improved
health. Therefore, the second name, if it exists, might be the name given to
honor a deceased family member.

Varda Epstein
Efrat, Israel

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