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My great grandmother immigrated >from Ukraine in 1901
to Philadelphia. On the manifest and the Soundex/Index
card her name is Sore Lea SPECKTOR. On the HIAS record
at the Philadelphia Jewish Archives her name is
spelled Sure Leah. This is the only time I found her
name to be spelled Sure. She was later listed in City
Directories in Philadelphia and Los Angeles as Sarah.
Her tombstone reads Sarah Leah. However, on the index she is Lore Lea as they misread the
S to be an L. She never learned English but all the
city directories have her name spelled SPECTOR with an
"O" while her children were always listed as SPECTER
with an "E". Now I am wondering if this was some
Ukrainian/Russian influence as when women have an A
added to their surname in Russian.

Meryl Rizzotti

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