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My family, named Povlotsky (and various spellings)
left Ukraine and traveled to Philadelphia via
Liverpool. However, the ship manifest stated they were
picked up before going to Liverpool >from Hango,
Finland. Actually, all of the passengers leaving from
Hango were listed as having a nationality of
Russ-Finn. I am fairly certain that they were not
Finnish. They also came >from Elizavetgrad,
Zvenigorodka and Shpola according to various documents
I have found. The ship passage was paid in
Philadelphia and sent to Elizavetgrad. Has anyone ever
found people >from that area leaving >from Finland to
the US? One of the Povlotsky women married a man samed
Sroel Braun who later changed the name to Brown. So if
anyone out there knows about the Braun/Browns I would
like to know.

Meryl Rizzotti
Researching Specter, Povlotsky(Pawlocky), Brown,

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