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Avi K. <u.sisraeli@...>

Dear Mr. Cohen; Genenrs, ]

As a linguist who's into multiple languages I can't help but write this:

Sacher sounds so closely-related to Zacher (the Romanian word for :
Sugar). Also, in German, the word: Zucker (pronounced: Tsuker) means same.
It would also make sense on a geographical level (with Russia borering
Romania & occupying part of its land-which changes hands back & forth-i.e:
Bessarabia or better known as modern-day Moldavia). Germany has also ruled
portions of Romania & has had a significant cultural history & influence
over the Russian life, as well as, some of its citizens living in Russia!
So, this name would be like the last name: Sugarman (Zuckerman) without the

Bottom line: it sounds like a Romanized German name "transferred"
(migrating) to Russia (or, passively "getting there" without doing much of
anything-just by virtue of changing/redrafting or rezoning of borders, after
the world wars).

Personally, I do not think that this last name is an abbreviation of
anything. The only name that comes to mind (& do not know if it is
Jewsih)-which may sound a longer version of Sacher is: Sacharov/Sacharoff.

Avishalom (Avi) Klammer
from Bat-Yam, Israel to Oakland, CA, U.S.A.
With Klammer roots in Iasi, Romania, Austria/Austo-Hungary (?!?)
& Levitt roots in Moldova/Bessarabia & Ukraine
(Moghilov/Moghilev Podolsk/ Attaki/Ottaki & Soroki/Soroka)

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