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Eliana Aizim

Dear Genners,
I received >from the Office of the Registrar General in Ontario,
Canada, the marriage certificate of cousin Golda. She was born
in the Ukraine and immigrated to Toronto, Canada. My mother
always told me that Golda immigrated together with her
grandmother (my great-grandmother), what made me think that
Golda´s parents remained in Ukraine.

In the marriage certificate, Golda´s father is Aaron GUNTER and
mother is Brana WHITE. I know that White is the surname my
family adopted in Canada, for it was WATNICK in Ukraine. I
expected to find Brana´s surname as Watnick, as I thought that
she had remained in Ukraine. What a surprise! Since I received
this marriage certificate, I started to search for Golda´s parents in
Canada, with no success. Searched in JewishGen and

I have three questions:
First: as Brana´s surname in the certificate is White, and not
Watnick, does this necessarily mean that Brana did immigrate?
Second: could Brana´s surname White be given in the marriage
certificate even if she remained in Ukraine with surname Watnick?
Third: have any of you ever heard of the Gunter family in Toronto,
or know of any of their descendents? Also the White´s?

Thank you for any help you may give. Please reply to:

Eliana Aizim
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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