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Howard Morris

Nice report >from A. Gutenkauf on her Odessa museum trip.

"We were in Odessa last month and visited the Migdal Jewish Museum...
has a book with the names and addresses of the Jewish residents of
Odessa >from 1894 - 1918."

"Do you know if there's a way to check the list of names and addresses of Odessa's Jewish residents 1900+/- without going to the museum? (The museum does not have this list on-line.)

Howard Morris,
Needham, MA
Researching MOFSHOWITZ, BUTENSKY (Odessa, Novagrudok, Elizabetgrad), BIRENBAUM, SPERLING, GOLDENOFSKY (Ostrova/Ostrow-Lubelski), NUSSBAUM, PINCUS (Ronizow, Rzeszow) and KRUGLOFF (Minsk).

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