Re: Austrian Census from 1880 #galicia

Carrielynn Apgar


Thank you to everyone who responded to my request for information
on the Austrian Census of 1880 with emphasis on Galicia. Since some
of you seemed interested in this, I thought I'd post the feedback I
received. It appears that most of the census documents >from 1880
have not survived. Miriam Weiner's site, provides
information about the types of documents that have survived for each
Galician town. Unfortunately, the census for my grandparents town,
Nadworna, have not survived. There is however, a census >from 1880
for the district of Stanislawow. If you are interested in the 1880
census, do a search for your town using as a
reference. If the census is available for your town, copies can be
purchased >from the National Archives that holds the records for that

Thanks again for your feedback!

Carrielynn Apgar Pecker

Searching HALSBAND, LOCKER in Nadworna

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