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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Yesterday I posed a question in my posting re Sanatorium Furth and its owner,
Dr Lothar FURTH. This is the Sanatorium in Vienna where both Sigger Frank
Eisinger and I were born.

I asked "has anyone a link to the FURTH family?

Well, I have found the answer myself this morning ...and it is a tragic one.
The title of my posting was sadly very apt and telepathic:

......., just three weeks after the Nazis had marched into Vienna, FURTH
and his wife killed themselves. They injected themselves with poison inside
Schmidgasse 14.

“We found out that our great grandfather owned the match monopoly in the
Hapsburg empire. Our grandfather owned a brewery." see:
Please read this URL as it may have more links for us.
It is tragic, but fascinating.

....... Chris and Rich [who were not aware of their Jewish Viennese ancestry]
are not the only living FURTH heirs. ... {their mother Elizabeth nee REDLICH
was born at the sanatorium and committed suicide in 1971}.. they discovered
that, unknown to the Andrewses, another branch of the family lived on the
East Coast. One relative, Eva PERL, Lothar FURTH'S 96-year-old first cousin,
was also born at Schmidgasse 14. Another was Alfred STRASSER who recalled how,
as an 11-year-old .....

Frank Eisinger told me [I have his permission to quote] that the gynaecologist
who assisted at his birth was Dr Jacques NEUER, born 14.07.1884.
He emigrated to New York and had an elegant practice here but, tragically
he also committed suicide.

Frank also knows that the Sanatorium was built in 1868/69.

So, the end of Sanatorium Furth was very tragic.. and we remember the devoted
staff here today.

Celia Male [U.K., but currently in NY]

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