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My Great Grandmother born in Poltava now Ukraine was named
Alexandra Yuditskaya Born1890. I understand that -skaya is
the feminine form. What I am wondering about is the begining,
is the name Iuditskaya, or Yuditskaya more likely to be a name
used, as there is a discrepancy in my information. Her son, is
sure it was Iuditskaya but a paper about her husbands career as
a Scientist, printed after both of their deaths in Germany mention
her as a Yuditskaya. Before I go on with my research on her family,
I was wondering if anyone knew about names and where these may
have come >from and which may have been used. I was told that her
father was a Tartar, her mother is not mentioned other than her
first name being Helene.

Thank You- Morgan Davis

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