Request German translation of Nadworna vital records #galicia

Carrielynn Apgar

Dear Fellow Genners,

I would like to request your help is translating three vital
records >from the town of Nadworna. First record is birth
record of Moses Halsband. I have done a loose translation of
the record headings which are in Latin, but am unable to read
the record information, including occupation. Second record
is birth record of Zirel Halsband, daughter of Aron Halsband.
Text appears to be in German with German headings but I am
unable to read the record entry. Third entry is death record
of Aron Halsband (bottom of page). Need help with record

Files are posted on Viewmate. Please provide a loose
translation and contact me with any questions. Your help is
much appreciated.

Thank you.

Carrielynn Apgar Pecker


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