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Carole G. Vogel <carolevogel@...>

My husband's great-grandfather Aaron DAVIDOWITCH and his brother-in-law and
Moishe Leib DAVIDOWITCH came to Philadelphia sometime in the late 1880s from
Bessarabia. They had paid handsomely for the passports of two brothers
Davidowitch who had served in the Russian Army but had subsequently died.
Both Aaron and Moishe used their assumed names for the rest of their lives.
We have learned Moishe Leib's real name: Moses GELFONT son of Reuven and
Frieda but we don't where he was born.

We don't know if Aaron's first name is really Aaron but we know that his
father was named Chaim David and his mother was Hannah. One of them had the
surname GRUBSTEIN and had some connection to Balta. The other was named
GELBFISH and is related somehow to the movie mogul Samuel GOLDWYN of MGM
fame who came >from Warsaw.

Chaim David died in the old country but his wife Chana came to America and
became a peddler in the south, selling pots and pins, needles and thread.
She died circa 1896 when a train slammed into her horse and wagon. We don't
know where in the south this happened but somewhere there is a gravestone
for Chana with the surname GRUBSTEIN, GELBFISH or GOLDFISH.

Carole Garbuny Vogel
Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

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