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Caroline Weitzman <arbitress419@...>

Dear Peter, Alex, and other Genners,

The following link has a listing of all the landsmanshaftn in the YIVO Institute's archives: As the web page tells you, it has drawn this information >from two published guides to YIVO's holdings, including "A Guide to YIVO's Landsmanshaftn Archive" by Rosaline Schwartz and Susan Milamed. The following JewishGen article, "Accessing Landsmanshaften Records at YIVO," should help you with the next step:

As a final note, make sure when searching for information on landsmanshaftn or any other foreign word to try each query with alternative spellings. I've seen "landsmanshaften" (with an E), "landsmanschaftn" (with a C), "landsmanschaften" (with both), and just "landsmanshaft." Google is smart enough to search on the inflected and differently spelled forms of English words, but I don't think they're that advanced with other languages, and not all search engines work the same way as Google. (This isn't addressed specifically to you, Peter or Alex, but to genealogists who are new to online research.)

Happy New Year and best of luck to everyone in their research.

Caroline Weitzman
Philadelphia, PA

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