Help - Locating Missing Person - PARNES family #galicia

Michael Waas


My cousins and I are stumped by the disappearance >from the
archival record of a potential daughter of our ancestor Moshe-Yaacov
"Morris" PARNES. In the 1901 census in England, Morris PARNES is
living at 3 Mulberry St. in Mile End Old Town with his supposed
daughter Betsy PARNES (born in 1877). In the archival record for
their hometown of Bialy Kamien, this Betsy PARNES might be listed as
Basia PARNES, daughter of Moses PARNES and Schenczi KATZ.

Between 1901 and 1910, however, all trace of her is lost in the
archival record. No marriage certificate, no mentions of emigration,
not even a death certificate. We assume that potentially this daughter
died as my great-grandmother Betsy PARNES may have been named
for her. The missing daughter may have also gone by the name Sarah

Any ideas would be sorely appreciated as we have been going around
in circles debating the issue for months now.

Many thanks.

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Best Regards,
Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL

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