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Benjamin Maslow <benmaslow@...>

I am wondering if anyone has any information on Jewish cemeteries in
Bila Tserkva. My family lived there until the early 1900s and
emigrated to Philadelphia in small groups between 1908 and 1925. I
tried Google searching for information on cemeteries and all I could
find was the following link >from

It lists only 3 jewish cemeteries in this city, and none of them are
labeled with their names. Two of the three are very small and the
third was part of a municipal cemetery. Being that 19,000 Jews lived
there in 1900, I would think there would have been other cemeteries,
or at least one very large one. Does anyone know if this municipal
cemetery was the primary burial place for Jews in Bila Tserkva?

Ben Maslow
Rockland County, NY

PS I am researching the MASLOVICH family >from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine,
as well as the ROSEN family >from Botosani, Romania.

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