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Subject: VM 12617

Have posted a wedding photo of a family member--it is the only data we
have for her. We think she is the daughter of MEYER and FEIGA DOTTELE who
lived some where near LVOV. The town he listed on his entry into the USA
was WAREZ or WAUREZ , there are several spellings for this town.
The DOTTELES also had two daughters MALKA {MINNIE} and CHAVA {EVA} ,
MEYER was the only son that we know of. The two daughters came to the
USA and stayed. MEYER , after ten years returned to EUROPE to be with
his wife FEIGA and daughter. Feiga and their daughter were afraid to make
the trip to the USA.
The picture of the daughter seems like a happy occasion, so perhaps she
and her parents were lucky enough to escape the holocaust. Our guess is the
photo was taken in the late 30's or early 40's.

Many Europeans did not pronounce the letter "V " , instead they
pronounced it as a "W". So we may be searching for the wrong town or
area. Can't seem to find much about the place.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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