Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Volhynia Gubernia BOF Meeting in Philadelphia #ukraine


I would like to make members of the list aware of the upcoming BOF
meeting at the IAJGS Meeting in Philadelphia. Here is the meeting
information according to the published schedule:

Thursday, August 6
11:15 am -12:30 pm
Th-21 Ukraine SIG Program: Volhynia Gubernia Birds-of-a-Feather
Eugene Alpert (Coordinator)
Room: Freedom E & F

The tentative agenda for the meeting is as follows:

Goal of the Session:

To provide and/or share collective information to the group about
research that has been done and can be done related to Volhynia.

1. Introductions (30 minutes)

Attendees would state their name, the surnames they are searching for
and the shtetls or cities of interest.

2. Research (15 minutes)

Attendees would indicate what research sources they have found have
been most helpful to them; success stories?

3. Travel (15 minutes)

Attendees would recount the way in which they were able to travel to
Volhynia and to be able to ask questions of those who might provide
some advice for future travel

4. Resources in the U.S. (5 minutes)

Discussion of any groups that have focused on Voliner groups, such as
Landsmanschaftn, survivors, etc. as well as discussion of future needs
and goals for the group.

5. Open for general questions (5-10 minutes)

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