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I can advise that the Kamenets Podolsk (Kamianets-Podilskyi)
archive is currently stored at the address below:

Archives of Khmelnytskyi Oblast
[Derzhavnyi arkhiv Khmelnytskoi oblasti]
99 Hrushevsky st.,
29000 Khmelnytskyi
Ukraine Republic

Tel: +38(0382) 76-47-39, 79-27-74

I have been informed by a senior archivist at the Central
State Archive in Kiev that the KP archives are partially
restored and partially catalogued but are only accessible
through direct contact with the local archive (the data or
references are not on-line). I have written to the
Khmelnytskyi archive a couple of times but have not got
a reply. I have not telephoned them - I do not speak
Ukrainian or Russian - but my guess is that this is the
best way of getting a response.

Is there anyone within the group who has had success at
contacting this archive or can advise of a reliable
Ukrainian researcher who could undertake basic research?


Martin Davis
London, England

Moderator's note: Please respond privately to Mr Davis if
recommending a researcher.

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