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Norbert Weinberg <norofra@...>

My thanks to those who have responded with suggestions. My
great-grandmother, Devorah Kahana (see the information copied
below), mentioned an uncle in nearby Kalush/Kalusz (Galicia, as
distinguished >from a similar sounding Kalush located in in Poland)
who was a Dayan and revered by the local peasants. Does anyone
have access to a list of Rabbinic figures >from Kalush/Kalusz >from
the period of the end of the 1800's to the early 1900's, with
particular interest in the surname of "Kahana". This would help me
in pin-pointing her connection with the rest of the Kahana family.

Todah Rabbah,

Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg
Encino, CA

Researching Family Records of WEINBERG (Dolyna/Ukraine,
Vienna/Austria,Frankfurt AM, Germany), ZARWANITZER
(Dolyna/Ukraine), IGER (Lviv, Podwolochisk/Ukraine),
GOTTDENKER (Lviv, Bolekhiv/Ukraine).

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:39:41 -0700

... My father's grandmother, Devorah Kahana (born c 1840), was
daughter of a Benjamin KAHANA( born c 1810) and his wife, of
whom we only have the last name, Kurtz.

My uncle left me notes about his grandmother and her claims to
"yichus" >from the leading Jewish family of Hungary, as I can tell,
descendants of R. Yom Tov Lipman Heller through his daughter,
Reziel, married to Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Heller-Kahana. She referred
to relatives who were dayyanim of the cities of Sighet, Teczo, and
Huszt. She had an uncle who was Rabbi of Kalusz, a town to the
east of Dolyna( Dolina, Galicia); she claimed he was revered by the
local Christian peasants for his wisdom and his blessings, as "maly
bozek" - a little god. After the Holocaust, my uncle met a Dayan
Friedman >from Teczo who assured him the she was indeed correct.
She was referring to three brothers, Rabbis Hayyim Aryeh, Joseph
Mordecai, and Jacob Gedaliah Kahana, contemporaries of my
great-grandmother, and >from that very same region; they may
have been her cousins, once or twice removed. My father kept a
copy of one book, a fragment >from the work by R. Joseph Mordecai, "
Divrei Tzadikim" (Sayings of the Righteous) and I can only guess
that his father had kept it as a reminder of the family connection.
(She also made mention of another book, "Revid Hazahav" (Golden
Chain), attributed in other sources to one R. Israel Dov Ber
Gelernter, a work on transmigration of the soul, which I found
quoted in hand-written notes of my grandfather.)....

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