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Doug Cohen

According to Where Once We walked, there is a Lipovets, Ukr. with a prewar
Jewish pop. of 3,605. It is 41 km E of Vinnytsya at coordinates

According to Yad VaShem's Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the

"Jews in Lipovets are first mentioned in 1747. There were over 1,000 in
the area in the early 18th century. In 1897 the J. pop of L was 4,135 out
of a total population of 8,658. Two state J. schools were operating in the
early 20th c. In the Soviet period, a J. elementary school was opened and a
J. council (soviet) was active. Dozens of J. families earned their
livelihoods in agriculture. In 1939, the J. pop. was 1,353. The Germans
arrived on 24 July 1941. On 12 Sept. they murdered 183 Jews and in Oct.
another 60-70 in the nearby forest."

Good luck!

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

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Hi everyone,
when I placed my last message in July this year I was grateful to
receive a number of replies offering me advice and if I forgot to
thank anyone personally I would like to thank you very much now.

One of the replies I received informed me that there is in fact
a place in Kiev Gubernia called LIPOVITZ. Does anyone have any
information about LIPOVITZ in Kiev or know where I might find
any information about this place, as although I have done searches
I am unable to find any information?

Thank you all in advance
Kind Regards,
Sue Prescott,

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