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If John checks the JewishGen Jewish Communities
for Zasona, the town of Jasiunia appears showing
that it was called Iashuny in the Vilna district
and Province, in the Russian Empire. It is
called Jaszuny in the Wilno-Troki Province,
Poland between the Wars, in Poland, and in modern day Jasiunai in Lithuania.

Annette Stolberg,
Rochester, NY

john_gross@... writes in part:

My great grandparents Abraham and Kate Woolf first appear in the
UK in the 1891 census. >from the 1911 census it is clear they
were married before leaving for the UK. The 1891 census shows
that they came >from the above locations. I assume that Kieff is
Kiev but would appreciate confirmation this is correct.

Zasona I have not found. Can anyone throw any light on where
Zasona might be and it's current name? Is it possibly now a
suburb of Kiev?
John Gross
Hemel Hempstead UK

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