Re: shtetl photos #galicia

Debbie Raff

Ervin & All,

One more resource that might not have been mentioned, yet, is
located within Yad Vashem's Digital Collection. To search the Yad
Vashem Online Photo Archive, go to:

It is nice to see these photo sources listed together. Although I had
these links, I think I will take a minute to save them all together in
one file. It will save some time the next time I am on the prowl for

Debbie Raff

Rachel Heller Bernstein <> wrote:

Have you tried Steve Lasky's site:

And perhaps this one -

Photographs of Jewish life in Poland collection of Wisniewski has
a major website at
which includes nearly 60,000 photographs? some >from postcards?
of Poland. Most are pre-World War II and many are of Jewish life
in Poland. There is a search engine at the site that allows you to
search by surname or town name. Warning: A tiny note states the
search is case sensitive.

Maurice I. Kessler <> wrote:

YIVO may have old shtetl photos.

Ervin Spinner <> wrote:

<<... Does Gesher Galicia have a collection of "old" shtetl photos?
Where can I find such photos?>>

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