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I recently posted to this group suggesting that there are several
possibilities for projects that could and should be done in terms of
indexing projects and other projects to help build the Ukraine database. In
addition to those of you who replied to the mailing list, I received several
replies personally. I have forwarded all of those on to our SIG
coordinator, Freya Blitstein Maslov, who, if she has not done so already,
will be contacting you shortly, I am sure. To all of you, I say be patient,
as we need to identify projects that we can begin immediately - that is,
they don't require much, if any, funding, and records are easily available.
Freya indicated to us that we need someone to coordinate this effort.
Although I am currently unable to do so, the need can't wait. At least one
of you has a few hours a week and some basic organizing skills to create a
spreadsheet and help put together a list of projects. Armed with that, you
can ask those who have and will volunteer, to do whatever the project
requires. The SIGs that are most successful in getting projects underway
have been lucky to find such an individual.

If you are reading this and thinking "Hey, I can do that!", I urge you to
contact Freya or myself. Projects should be organized ultimately by
gubernia, and we have gubernia leaders who can help you organize the
volunteers. If we all work together, there is no limit to what we can do.
There are a lot of us who can help put this all together..

Let us know if you can help.

Chuck Weinstein
Deer Park, NY

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