Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Looking for Chicago-area, Baltimore-Washington DC-area and Pittsburgh-area Wolowitz/Wolovitz family members #ukraine

sharon yampell

After speaking with a cousin the other day, she told me that her
mother had told her that we had family in the Pittsburgh-area and
another cousin told me that we had family in the Baltimore-DC area
and could also possibly have family in the Chicago-area.

During my research, I have found some both in the Dc Corridor and
the Pittsbugh-area that I know should be relatives but I have no
idea of exactly how we are connected! I was in contact with one
of the ones >from Pittsburgh and my GGGgf's name was not familiar t
o him; I still think that his family was connected by either a
brother of my GGGgf or a cousin...

I know there are other variations on how the name is spelled so
please contact me even if your last name is spelled differently.
I have a separate tree with just this family so I would be able
to send a gedcom along once we have established the family connection.

Thanks so much!
Sharon F. Yampell

Alexandrowitz....(Volovitch) Wolovitz/Wolovitz---Borzna Chernigov
Distelfeld/Distenfeld....Lessing/Lessig---Dorna Vatra, Campulung

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