GUTTMAN and other families from Tabor #austria-czech

Linda Berkowitz <e-berkowitz@...>

I was away when the thread on Tabor began but I hold a keen interest
because I can trace family back to the 1830s in Tabor, though the
family is not one of the five familiantin.

My families >from Tabor include the FANTLs and FREUNDs. My
ggrandmother, Emma FANTL GOLDSTEIN was born in Tabor in 1861. She
claimed that her father Joachim FANTL was also born in Tabor (1834).
Most of Joachim and his wife, Wilhemina's, children immigrated to the
US and settled in Chicago, the only exception being their daughter
Mathylda FANTL FREUND, who remained in Tabor. Mathylda's son Rudolph
intermarried and was, to my understanding, untouched during the
Shoah, though most of his relatives perished. Rudolph FREUND's
descendants still live in Tabor and own the same property that the
family has had for over 100 years.

As for the GUTTMAN family, I have a rather extensive genealogy and
family tree beginning with Moritz FUERTH (b. 1855; d. 1914) and Clara
GUTTMAN FUERTHOVA (b. 1867; d. 1843 in Theresienstadt). Though much
of the family perished in the Shoah, several branches survive,
including: descendents of Clara's daughter Anna FUERTH HUTTER and
her son Arnost FUERTH.

If anyone has any additional information on these families, or
possible leads, I would be delighted to hear >from them.

Linda Berkowitz
Northbrook, IL

Also researching:
HARTMAN, all >from Bohemia

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