Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Jewish records for L'viv - since when & until when? #ukraine


Hello genners,

Am a new comer to this SIG. So, please, bear with me.

I was told, that in the archives there are Jewish records for L'viv [Lvov,
Lwow, Lemberg] >from 1801, and already researched them.
According to the FHLC there are Jewish Congregation records since 1791.

How far can I go back with researching L'viv?
Are there really 1791-1800 Jewish BMD/vital records in the Central State
Historical Archives ?

And for the other end: are there any accessible records for 1939-1942 in
L'viv archives [except those in the USC !]?
I know about the "100 years old" Law.
[I know about what there is at Holicaust Museums].

Thank you,

Irit Shem-Tov

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