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Hello all,

I ahve posted before but just checking to see if anyone has
any information about the BLUMENTHAL family >from the Ukraine
or possible Posen Germany/Poland. My ggrandfather was David
BLUMENTHAL ( 1862-1922) who came to the US around 1881. I
believe his father was Isaac BLUMENTHAL who had siblings
Alexander BLUMENTHAL who died in NYC 1881 (came over to US
around 1860), Nathan BLUMENTHAL (1836-) and Israel M BLUMENTHAL
(1942-1909). There may be other brothers and or sisters.
Nathan was most likely the Nathan who lived in England and
died there. I do have contacts in England for that info.
There was a Walter BLUMENTHAL living with Nathan in England
around 1880 that may have been David as Walter and David are
interchangeable according to the Jewish name search engine.

If any of these names sound familiar can someone please contact
me privately at mollyblum@...

I have a lot of records on David but none are very helpful or
give his town of birth.

Thank you,


BLUMENTHAL (Ukraine, Posen, NYC, Rochester, NY)
SCHOENBERG (Satanov, Kuzmin,Ukraine, possbly Austria/Hungary, NYC,
Rochester, NY)
COHEN (Satanov, Kuzmin Ukraine)
GROSSMAN (Satanov, Kuzmin Ukraine)

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