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The thread you are about to read happened when one researcher inquired of
another about a listing in The JewishGen Family Finder.


- >from : John Ralph Barr, (researcher code 222771) jbarr@...
- To : Arthur H Hoffman, (researcher code 23093)
- Subject : The JewishGen Family Finder:
My father, his sister and parents were >from anapol near Ostrog in the
Ukraine. My grandfather, Moshe Beicz (or Beitsch)came to the US about 1900.
My father, Joseph, his sisters,, Pesha and Yucca, and my grandmother, Haya,
came in Nove. 1906, landing at Ellis Island. they lviced on Marion Street
in Eash Boston. My grandmother's maiden name was Fischer/Fisher/Fish.

I have more infomration.

Does this have any meaning to you?

From: Art Hoffman [mailto:arthh@...]
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 5:49 PM
To: John Barr
Subject: The Jewish Family Finder

The "anapol" in my references is not near Ostrag, sorry to say. My anapol
is actually near Mariupol, which is near the Black Sea. So, it doesn't seem
that we have any connection.

Coincidentally, however, I grew up in Winthrop, MA which is just a stone's
throw >from East Boston. My grandparents, mother and her brother and sister
did emigrate here about the same time as your ancestors.

Genealogically yours,

Arthur Hoffman
Boynton Beach, FL

PS: I have cousins with a surname of Barr (Dottie and Bob) that live on Cape
Cod. Any connection?

From: John Barr
To: 'Art Hoffman'
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 2:15 PM
Subject: RE: The Jewish Family Finder

Mr. Hoffman, thank you for your quick reply.

Obviously, your family came >from a much different area than mine.

What intrigues me is your cousins named Barr on Cape Cod. There is no
connection that I know of. But I am very interested in is their use of the
surname Barr.

Our family name on the Ellis Island records is Beicz. Somehow between my
grandmother's entry with my father and his sisters in 1905 and the 1910
census it got changed to Barr. I have no knowledge as to why. Except to
think that it was Anglicized. However, there were quite a few Jewish
families in the Boston area in that time period using the surname Barr. I
also know there were cousins (no names), and at least one aunt (Annie, no
last name) in Boston in the period before 1920.

Could I impose upon you to ask your cousins if they have any knowledge as to
how their Barr surname was adopted?


Hi Bob,

As you can see, John Barr inquired of me about my listing on the Jewish
Family Finder. This has led to a question >from him regarding the origin of
your Barr surname. Would you respond to his question?



Arthur and John,

When my grandparents came >from Russia, probably around 1894, their
name was Baruv (I'm not sure how it was spelled, but that's how it was
pronounced). When my grandfather went before the immigration
inspector, he must have mumbled the last syllable, because the
inspector wrote "Barr" on his entry documents. My grandfather couldn't
read English, so he didn't find out until later, and then he decided
that that would be a fine name.

It's very interesting that you mention the name Beitsch. Many
ago my father (born 1899, died 1968) told me that a family they were
very friendly with in East Boston were also named Barr and originally
had the name Beitsch. The story behind that
was that the name "Beitsch" means "whip" and Mr. Beitsch wanted a new
American name. My grandfather was one of the first people he met and
became friendly with after arrival. He said to my grandfather; "What's
your name?" My grandfather said "Barr" and Mr. Beitsch said "That will
be my name also." My father was very good friends with his son Joseph.
My father's family lived on Bennington Street in East Boston.

In 1954 I went with my parents on a trip to Washington and we spent
an evening
visiting my father's friend Joe Barr and his family, who were then
living in one of the Washington suburbs. At that time Joe was the
National Commander of the Jewish War Veterans as well as the Chief
Counsel of the Veteran's Administration. Joe and his wife were there
that evening, but both their sons were not home.

Years later, in 1979, I ran across that family again. I went to
Israel with my wife and three daughters and when we checked in with the
El Al ticket agent, she said "Your other family members have already
checked in." We said that as far as we knew, we were the only Barrs
traveling. We looked them up, and it turned out that it was the same
family. Joe Barr had already passed away, and his widow and one of her
sons and his wife were the travelers. I believe they were going to
visit one of the son's children, who was living in Israel. At that
time the son and his wife were living in Lexington, Kentucky, where the
son worked for IBM. We enjoyed traveling with them throughout Israel.

John, is it possible that you're part of that family? Since your
family originated in East Boston, and your father's name was Joseph, I
think it's quite possible that you're the son that I didn't meet.

Bob Barr

From: John Barr
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 11:35 AM
To: 'mbarr75209@...'
Subject: RE: The Jewish Family Finder

Yes, my father was Joe Barr of the VA and the Jewish War Veterans. I am the
son you did not meet.

It was my brother, Marty, that you met on the El Al flight. He remembers
We have a family blog, I intend to add
your e-mail to it at sometime today.

Thank you very much.

I hope you will allow me to contact you in the future with some questions.


Mr. Hoffman, thank you very much for forwarding my questions to Bob Barr.
His response was exceptional.


Final comment:

Keep using The JewishGen Family Finder.

Quoting Tom Hanks, >from the movie Forrest Gump,
"My mama always said, Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what
you're gonna get."

Art Hoffman
Boynton Beach, FL

POTOLFSKY, Annapool, Mariupol; BADER, Annapool, Mariupol.

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