Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Translation Request (Yiddish) - Postcard from Ekaterinoslav to my Grandmother - 1914 #ukraine


I have a postcard that I'd like to have translated >from Yiddish to

The card was sent >from Russia to my paternal grandmother
Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh in 1914. It appears to be >from a
friend named Tsadok STASHEVSKI (possibly STASHEVSKY)
writing >from Ekaterinoslav (now in the Ukraine). (See postmark.)

The Yiddish (letter) side of the card is VM 15182

The address side of the card is written in Russian. (That side has
already been translated). The card must have been forwarded to
the US in another letter. The Russian (address) side of the card
is VM 15183

Thanks (again and again!) for all of the great help!!

Los Angeles, California - USA

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