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Linda Shefler

I have just been using the new Family Search site of the FHL and found all
sorts of fascinating documents which have managed to bring to light many
unknown family facts. As we all know, along with new facts come lots of new
questions and I stumbled upon something that has totally thrown me!

For the past 25 years I have known without a doubt (including family history
and official documents) that my gg grandmother was Maryum Chia SHERMAN. She
was the daughter of Abraham and Rose and was born about 1855, probably in
the vicinity of Fastov, as she married Essiah Leib NULMAN of Fastov.

Yesterday, thanks to the new Family Search site, I found the transcribed
marriage record (the marriage took place in Fall River, Massachusetts) for
one of Maryum's sons and it lists her name as Mary KERELSTEIN. I was
dumbfounded. I cannot imagine that her son didn't know her maiden name.

This is not a name I have come across at all in researching this family. I
did find three people in JGFF who are researching KERELSTEIN >from Kiev
gubernia and have written to them.

So first I would like to know if anyone is familiar with any KERELSTEIN
families >from Kiev gubernia; if so, are you aware of an Abraham who might
have been born about 1830 and had a daughter Maryum Chia?

Along the same vein, is anyone researching SHERMAN who might be aware of the
same Abraham and Maryum Chia?

I am also interested to hear anyone's thoughts as to why I might find a
document with a totally different surname.

Please respond privately with KERELSTEIN information, but you can respond to
the digest with any thoughts about the new surname. Perhaps others have had
the same experience.

Many thanks in advance.

Linda Silverman Shefler
Hod HaSharon

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