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Linda Shefler

To continue >from the previous email about the records found in the Family
Search of the FHL; I found the death certificate of my gg grandfather,
Shlomo NULMAN, who died in Fall River in 1913. This certificate provided me
with the name of his mother which was Ida SELEGMAN.

I know we have had this discussion numerous times before, but I wanted to
point out that Shlomo's father, whose name was Essiah Leib, was listed on
the death certificate as Lewis. Essiah Leib-Lewis never did immigrate to
America :-)

Again, I am anxious to hear >from anyone researching the SELEGMAN family that
would probably be >from the vicinity of Fastov in Kiev gubernia. Please
don't get hung up on the spelling of the name, I just wrote it how I found
it on the document, but I am guessing it is something like that.

Thanks again for your time.

Linda Silverman Shefler
Hod HaSharon

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