Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Translation Request (Yiddish) - 1913 Postcard from Russia to my Grandmother #ukraine


I have a postcard that was mailed >from Russia to my paternal
grandmother Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh in August 1913.
She emigrated >from Russia to the US in July 1913. I'd like to
have the card translated >from Yiddish to English.

The writing on the card is extremely cramped, and somewhat
faded in spots so I've divided it into five large (overlapping)
sections for posting on Viewmate. If it will help with the
deciphering of the card I'll be very happy to email larger
resolution photos of the card to anyone who requests them.

Thanks (again)!! Jim WEINER

The five sections of the card are on Viewmate as follows:
Section 1 is VM 15347
Section 2 is VM 15348
Section 3 is VM 15349
Section 4 is VM 15350
Section 5 is VM 15351

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