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I just learned that my gggrandmother's surname was COHEN.
Her name was Rozia/Rose COHEN and she was born in 1846 in
Kuzmin or Satanov (or that area) Ukraine. She married
Mordecai/Max SCHOENBERG around 1865 and as far as I can
tell had 3 or possibly 4 children; my ggrandmother
Rivke/Rebecca, Jacob, Hyman and possibly Samuel.
She came over to the US in 1896 with Rebecca for Rebecca's
arranged marriage to my ggrandfather David BLUMENTHAL.
I have no idea if she stayed in the US or went back to Russia.
I also have no idea if her husband Max ever came to the US.
If any of these names sound familiar or if someone has
information on the COHEN side please email me privately
I realize that COHEN is a common surname and may have
been KAGAN/KOGEN, etc.

Thank you,

Kuzmin Ukraine, Satanov Ukraine, Schneidemuhl/Pila Germany/Poland

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