Ukraine SIG #Ukraine contact(s) in Trostyanets, Vinnytsa #ukraine


Dear Ukraine SIG,

I am trying to find out the state of the Jewish cemetery in
Trostyanets, Vinnytsa (former Podolia gub.), in advance of a possible
trip to get the information >from the matzevah. Photos and movies
that I have seen >from the 1990's suggest a 'good number' of legible
stones, maybe 50-100 or more? I would like to find someone in the
town or the region who would be willing to help to do some up-front
work on this. But its pretty hard to find official websites for the
town (e.g. mayor's office) if any, or an address. I have sent an
email to the Vinnytsa Jewish community to see if someone there can get
me information, but no reply yet. I may even be willing to hire a
local guide to go there and find out/take pictures.

Please let me know if any of you have contacts or can suggest a way

Keep in mind that there are several towns that go by this name in the
Ukraine. This is the one at 48°31' N, 29°11' E.

Thanks in advance for your help - please reply privately/separately or
at least copy me separately if you reply to the group.


Wayne Frankel
researching Trostyanets, Mogilev, Bar, fmr. Podolia gub, Ukraine.
surnames Holzberg, Zeltzer, Golub

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