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Morton Rumberg

Hi Cheryl,

As I have come to understand, the last name may or may not have anything to
do with the location. Actually, in most cases, it has little to do with it.
There are so many reasons for the various names our ancestors had that it
makes my head swim. For example, Berliner may be the surname >from someone
from Berlin, or it simply could have been a name picked up along the way and
adopted as one's own because it sounded more American or was easier to

The best thing to do is get confirmation of the shtetl name. Try not to
make assumptions based on the origin of a name that may have changed from
the old country. Family legend is a starting point, not a cast-in-concrete
declaration of truth.

Happy hunting,


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Subject: Looking for Shtetl
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 13:59:30 -0700 (PDT)
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My son is trying to trace his fathers family. The last name is Linietsky which
is suppose to mean >from the town of Linet or Liniet. But we are unable to
such a place. His grandfather was born in Zlatopol, Ukraine before emigrating
Cuba as a young child. Any help locating the orginal Shtetl would be welcome.


Cheryl Cash-Linietsky
Rochester NY/Phila searching for Singer/Zinger/ Eisen >from Kamanetz
Rueben/Robinson >from Dinovitz Cash/Choesh >from Ukraine Linietsky >from Zlatopol

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