Ukraine SIG #Ukraine JGSLA 30th Annual Conference #ukraine


Kudos to JGSLA, IAJGS and everyone who worked
toward making this conference the success that it was.
The creativity of their team was above and beyond wonderful.
The opening night parody on the television program "Who Do
You Think You Are" was hilariously funny and those who
participated in the making of this movie made it even more
from the very beginning to the very end, every minute
was filled with sessions for the beginner as well as the
most experienced researcher. Our hosts were extremely
helpful and met the needs of 1061 participants with ease.
There was a large number of researchers new to
genealogy and many of them were overwhelmed at
the information that was available online. I would be
remiss here if I did not mention that this is largely due
to the many JewishGen volunteers who make it possible.
All in all, this Conference was another huge success and
thank you one more time to JGSLA.

Freya Blitstein Maslov
Morton Grove, IL

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