Ukraine SIG #Ukraine ShtetLinks Project Report for July / August 2010 #ukraine


We are pleased to welcome the following webpages to JewishGen ShtetLinks.
We thank the owners and webmasters of these shtetlpages for creating fitting
memorials to the Jewish Communities that once lived in those shtetlach and
for providing a valuable resource for future generations of their descendants.

Berehove (Beregszasz), Ukraine
Created by Marshall J. Katz

Dzikow Stary (Dzikhev) (G)
Created by Leah Teicher
Webpage Design by ShtetLinks volunteer Alan Raskin

Kamennyy Brod, Ukraine
Created by Allan Dolgow
Webpage Design by ShtetLinks volunteer Jonny Joseph

Klykoliai (Klikol), Lithuania
Created by Richard Kurshan

Philippson JCA Colony (Itaara), Brazil
Created by Paola Khalili

Raducaneni, Romania
Created by Marcel Glaskie

Szczercow (Shtchertzov, Stertzev)
Created by Martin Davis

Velke Kapusany (Nagykapos), Slovakia
Compiled by Amos Israel Zezmer
Created / Webpage Design by Marshall J. Katz


Some of our shtetlpages were created by people who are no longer able
to maintain them. We thank them for their past efforts and wish them
luck on their future endeavors.

Webpage was recently adopted:

Leova, Moldova
Created by Rennie M. Salz
Adopted by Joel Waters


The following webpages are "orphaned" and are available for adoption.

Borisov, Belarus

Krnov (Jaegerndorf), Czech Republic

Lask, Poland

Rozdol, Ukraine


ShtetLinks webpages recently updated:

Raducaneni, Romania

Tarnobrzeg, Poland (G)

If you wish to follow their example and create a ShtetLinks webpage for your
ancestral shtetl or adopt an exiting "orphaned" shtetlpage please contact us
at: < shtetl-help@... >

GOOD NEWS!! As a result for our appeal for HTML volunteers we now have a
team of dedicated people who will help you create a webpage for your ancestral
home. Please contact us if you would like help in creating a
ShtetLinks webpage.

Shana Tova Umetukah - A Good and Sweet Year.
Ketiva Ve-Chatima Tovah - May You Be Written and Sealed for a Good Year

Susana Leistner Bloch, VP, ShtetLinks, JewishGen, Inc.
Barbara Ellman, ShtetLinks Technical Coordinator


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