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A recent posting asking about the occupation "negotiator" prompts me
to ask a similar question.

All of the members of Samuel Shrybman's family who emigrated >from
Ukraine (Zhitomir) to Canada early in the 20th century, and resided in
Brockville, Ontario, are listed in Canada's 1911 census. The
occupation of one son is listed as "stripper". I'm not certain whether
this refers to work he was doing in Canada, or is a description of his
vocation in the Ukraine; I suspect it was the former. (I don't know of
any sawmill having been located in the Brockville area.)

I'd like to find out what this work entailed (especially since we
don't appear to have any other strippers in the family - at least none
who do it professionally).

(For those who enjoy hearing of others' small successes: it happens
that the Chamber of Commerce in Brockville, Ontario commissioned a
survey of local businesses in 1911, unrelated to the census. The COC
document gives the address of a storefront tailor shop on the main
street, and names Samuel Shrybman as the tailor. The census data
reveals that the (large) Shrybman family lived above that tailor shop.
The bonus is that the building still stands in the middle of charming
Brockville, and some newfound cousins and I were able to visit.)

Marty Thomas

searching: SHRYBMAN (USA and Canada), SCHREIBMANN (France), SHRAIBMAN/

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