Rabbi Yehoshua Preminger Hakohen of Lwow #galicia

Norbert Weinberg <norofra@...>

I have been queried by Dorit Morag, who has a Facebook group,
"Irgun Yotsei Lwow V' hasviva" (Organization of Lwow Origin Jews),
on her great grandfather, Rabbi Yehoshua Preminger Hakohen of
Lwow. I found one reference to him as author of an introduction
to "Sefer Maaseh Gevurot Hashem", Lwow, 1916, by Saul Mander. If
anyone has information leads, please let me know and I will
forward it to her.

Thank you,

Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg
email: norofra@...

Researching Family Records of
WEINBERG (Dolyna/Ukraine, Vienna/Austria, Frankfurt AM, Germany)
ZARWANITZER (Dolyna/Ukraine)
IGER (Lviv, Podwolochisk/Ukraine)
GOTTDENKER (Lviv, Bolekhiv/Ukraine)

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