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Mike Schwartz

Jewish Genners,

I have traced my mother's maternal family back to Russian Ukraine, last
living in the town of Lysianka (about 25 miles south of Tarascha) in 1907.
My great grandfather, Mot MOLOGOLOW or MOLOGOLOWKE has a record as being a
landowner according to the 1907 Duma voting list.

He and his children appear to have been born in the city of Kiev, which
suggests he moved to Lysianka after they were born - the last born in 1894.

Family stories have him as an Inn Keeper or Tavern Keeper before he
immigrated to NY in late 1907. He and his family arrived in America with a
few THOUSAND US dollars, which suggests he was a man of quite some means in
Russia. This lends credence to the Inn Keeper story. Also, Lysianka was at
that time a river town with development on both sides of the river, along a
main road, and was the only town along the river with development on both
sides for many miles. This suggests there was a river crossing there, but
an 1890s map shows no bridge, suggesting a ferry crossing. Sounds like a
great place for an Inn.

So the question is, how can I verify the existance of an Inn or Tavern in
Lysianka at that time period (circa 1907) and the ownership or
proprietorship of it? Are there any records of property ownership details
to shed light on the owned property cited in the Duma voting record?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Schwartz

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