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I think I'm dealing with a name change here so maybe another researcher
will see something familiar in this puzzle...

-my ggm Lea BELINKA arrived in NY in 1906. She reported her last
residence as "Lesinka" which is Lysyanka and she was traveling with a
KOSUNSKI family (Pisack, Gitel, Perel, and Abraham) also >from Lysyanka.
I lose this KOSUNSKI family after this one record.

-the 1910 census in Brooklyn shows my gg-grandparents Louis and Lena
LUTSKY (nee BELINKA) in Brooklyn with Lena's brother Louis BELINSKY and
two COSINSKY cousins, Sarah age 20 and Anna age 17. Sarah and Anna
report that they arrived in 1910. If that's true, it's a small window
of time in 1910 before the census date. Unfortunately I can't find the
ship manifest(s) for the COSINSKY sisters.

-Louis BELINSKY married Sarah COHEN in 1912. Sara COHEN is listed as 21
years old, similar in age to Sarah COSINSKY. Sarah's parents are listed
on the marriage record as Israel COHEN and Lea GOREVITCH. Sarah signed
her maiden name as "KAJON". I assume she was leaning towards something
like KOGEN which I know is the same as COHEN. There is a family rumor
that Louis and Sarah are first cousins. Sarah reports her year of
arrival as 1912 on the 1920 census (she married in Brooklyn in May

-Sarah's sister Anna COHEN married her first husband in 1912 at the age
of 20, similar in age to Anna COSINSKY. Same parent's names as Sarah
and she managed to scribble her maiden name as COHEN on the marriage
record. When Anna remarried in 1915, her mother's maiden name is
something unrecognizable and she signed her maiden name as "COHENKY" or
"COHENECY". Anna reported her year of arrival as 1910 on the 1920
census and 1909 on the 1930 census.

-Sarah and Anna COHEN had a brother Lazer who used the name Louis COHEN
in America. I think Louis is the youngest of the three. On his WWI
draft registration he reported his place of birth as Kiev which is a
common reference for the towns of Lysyanka and Talne. On his WWII draft
registration he reported his place of birth as "Tolne". On the 1920 &
1930 US census he reports his year of arrival as 1912-1913 but I have
not been able to find his ship manifest.

My gut tells me that Sarah and Anna COSINSKI are Sarah and Anna COHEN.
Is anyone familiar with these surnames in Lysyanka or Talne? Also, I'm
a pretty good searcher but still can't find the ship manifests for
siblings Sarah, Anna and Lazer/Louis. If anyone is up to a challenge
I'd appreciate any help with this. The answer to the possible surname
change probably lies with the manifests. They likely arrive in NY but I
don't see them in the other US ports either.

Sharon Klein
Johns Creek, GA

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