Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Looking for researcher/translator in Ukraine #ukraine


Has anyone had recent experience with a good, reasonably priced
researcher/translator in Ukraine? I believe my Brenner and
Ehrlichman ancestors came >from Kamanets Podolskiy area, particularly
Zinkov. Other famly came >from Proskurov.

My great grandparents were "our dear father Yosef, son of reb Nachum of
blessed memory, who passed away 13th of Sivan, 5672." Joseph Brenner and
"Bayla Brenner, daughter of reb Munya of blessed memory, who passed away 3rd
day of Av, 5712. May her soul be bound in the bonds of life."

Her death certificate lists her father's name as Monte Erlichman, her
birthplace as Poland, date of birth-May 25, 1866, and says she was a U.S.
citizen. Her last address was 1631 Pratt, Chicago (and had lived there 14
years). It lists her age as 86.

I would appreciate a recommendation sent privately,

Thank you.

Robin B. Seidenberg

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