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I am writing in the hope that someone on the Ukraine listserv will have
information about Chaim (or Hayim) Geinakhovich Faynman (Feinman or
Fineman). My father collected stamps, and after he died, I found four
stamped envelopes in his collection addressed to my paternal grandfather,
Louis Kisner, in Boston, Massachusetts, >from Chaim Faynman in Russia. One
was stamped July 1937 in Boston, and two were stamped 1945 in Russia. I
cannot read a date on the other one. There are three addresses for Mr.
Faynman on the envelopes: one being Sudilkov (1937); one >from 14 Roza
Luksenburg Street in Shepetovka; and one >from 18 Kooperativnaya Street,
Molotovskaya Oblast, Poselok Ocher (1945).

Mr. Faynman may be a relative--a brother-in-law, for example. I have not
been able to locate any information >from Shepetovka about the Kisner family.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Lesley Cafarelli
Minneapolis, MN

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