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Martin Davis (com)

Dear Genners - I think I have replied to everyone individually but in case I
have not, thanks to all those who have come up with suggestions for further
research into the Kamenets Podolsk archives and also recommendations for
researchers. I will be following all the leads.

One general thing that has come out of this is that there does not seem to
have been much improvement in access to these records since the fire at the
local archive in Kamenets Podolsk in 2003; although there is ongoing
restoration work to the extant material in Khmelnytsky. However, individual
Genners have managed to get access to relevant documents, normally through
the assistance of privately hired researchers, and in one case have managed
to track ancestors back to 1720. Definitely an incentive!

Martin Davis - London (UK)
Researching: Leiferman, Goldschmidt, Levy (Kamenets Podolsk)

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