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Tina Korn

Post # 2 RE: Gudin, Goodin, or Dragubitzky. Born in Ukraine:
District Lipovitz, or Kishinev, or Chisinau. Older family
members have mentioned Vinnitsa River or Vinista District before
WWI. My father, Ben (Beryl) Gudin told me he was born in Oratov,
near Kiev. I have not been able to find a city with that name.
I am searching for names of Shtetls in or near any of the above
mentioned cities or districts in the early 1900s.

Tina Gudin Korn

Moderator's Note: Please check JewishGen's InfoFiles - there are
always new and informative items listed there. Specifically,
you could check
and find out for yourself which towns and shtetls are near yours.

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